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About Mario Corile

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After leaving Cleveland College of Art (England), 

I moved down to London in 1988 and worked as a freelance illustrator .

Between editorial commissions I did a number of paintings 

and studies of a variety of the capital's landmarks.

I exhibited these paintings locally in North London 

(Muswell Hill, Highgate and Crouch End). 

These exhibitions were successful and lead onto exhibiting 

at St. Martins Gallery in Trafalgar Square .


As well as selling my paintings and prints from these exhibitions 

I have been commissioned to paint public houses, restaurants and hotels.

Sometimes clients would like a caricature or portrait of themselves or a famous celebrity they admire. And I’m quite happy to paint it for them.


And over the years I have turned my hand to designing blackboards and windows for numerous businesses. Not only for pubs but for a variety (and eclectic mix!) of clients such as Blackberry, Twinnings, Tom Aitkin, Trevor Francis, Gregg Wallace and Carshalton Boys School.  


Another successful and interesting side of my business has been the many murals and wall designs I have painted for clients over the years. Again the word electic comes to mind: restaurants, cafes, pubs and of course the obligatory child’s bedroom.


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